Hey! So Glad You're Here.

So, about me. I got into teaching the year I finished University where I studied Drama. If you had told me when I was at school that I would be a teacher now, I would have laughed, hard. I hated school. A friend recently said to me they think people go for professions where maybe they felt something missing from their personal experiences, this may be why I have ended up teaching. I was really lucky growing up, my parents were so supportive, my sisters all looked out for one another and I had a great group of friends. School never 'failed' me, but I remember more negatives than positives. I remember being yelled at when my grandfather had just died because of a nose piercing, I also remember that happening when there were students next to me with nose piercings and yet nothing said to them. I remember telling teachers that I had done well in essays and their response being "aim higher next time". Not even a well done. I remember being told that I wouldn't be able to do things and that fucked me up, because I believed them. It took me a long time to realise that I wasn't stupid or dumb but that actually, I just didn't learn the way that they were teaching. I found this to be quite damaging. Shoutout to the drama/music departments, they always had faith in me, they never gave up. 

Now, I am into my third year of teaching. I am very new into this profession but it does feel a lifetime. I started at my school when I was 21, as a teaching assistant in my department and as a form tutor to a group of year eights. During the Easter break they had promoted me to Unqualified teacher. I was due to start my assessment only route (QTS) this Easter just gone, for obvious reasons, I never started. 

I am no expert in teaching, I haven't even started my training (I am attending training sessions at school). I didn't create this page to preach on how to teach, more as a safe sharing space and a way for me to vent without boring the people surrounding me. 

I hope you enjoy!